Sunday, August 28, 2005

People are pigs, there's no doubt about it. The amount of junk I see sitting in street gutters, in parks, and so on is disgusting. People are just too damn lazy to throw the stuff in the trash like they're supposed to. But some of the trash I come across is a bit disturbing, namely the beer cans and other alcohol containers. People are obviously throwing them out of their cars. They're drinking and driving. It seems years of TV campaigns to stop people from doing so haven't made an impact on some folks. People drive poorly enough around here(and I assume pretty much anywhere else) that they don't need to be stewed while doing so. The only good thing about it is the extra money I'll make next time I take in my own beverage containers for recycling. If I don't get into an accident caused by drunken idiots first that is.

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