Tuesday, August 30, 2005

"It's raining again...."

I hope no one passing through has had friends or family harmed by Katrina. Seeing some of the images on TV the last few days of the areas effected has been sad and disturbing. Not to mention at times odd, like a live feed I saw on CNN this morning of a building burning in the midst of flood damaged New Orleans. In some ways the flooding can remind one of the horrible floods that have ravaged Bangladesh over the years. There's also the question of how New Orleans will fare at the hands of global warming given its seaside location, a location that is in part responsible for the extent of damage caused by Katrina.

As is usually the case the remnants of the storm have gone on to bother others, such as parts of Southern Ontario, which tonight are under heavy rainfall warnings. Katrina was also used as an excuse to boost gas prices here in Saskatchewan today. Forgive me if I'm far from convinced that these increases are legitimate at this sort of speed, or a price jump of 6 cents a litre is justified. They may have as much to do with the upcoming September long weekend as they do with any disruptions to the oil business.

We also have rain this evening in Saskatoon. Presumably the connection with Katrina is only tenuous if it exists at all. But we could do without it. Some area farmers are sure to be working on bringing in their harvests, and the soaking tonight will slow things up and perhaps reduce their yield.

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