Tuesday, August 09, 2005

I saw something interesting yesterday. Just as I was getting ready to cross the intersection of 8th Street and McKercher Drive I spotted a mouse running just ahead of me. Squirrels and gophers are one thing, but that was the first time I've ever seen a mouse outdoors in broad daylight. Unfortunately mice don't pay attention to traffic signals, and he ran into the road, where it looked like he was hit by one of the cars passing through the intersection. The mouse scrambled into a safe section of the pavement and stopped, but he didn't move after that, so I suspect he had just enough life left in him to get out of the road. If was still alive I doubt he lasted very long, as he'd be a nice meal of opportunity for a passing crow, gull, or other bird.

Speaking of flying things the Saskatoon Police Service has announced it is considering continuing its aircraft program into next year. Over the last 10 weeks officers have been flying a Cessna 172, callsign Eagle One, during the late afternoon and evening hours several days a week to aid ground operations. I'm not yet convinced of its real utility, but police spokesmen claim its been helpful, and that some criminals have asked about it when they've been arrested. Ironically this news comes at the same time that the service is shelving its Compstat program, which has reportedly reduced breakins in a number of areas.

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