Saturday, August 20, 2005

Like anyone else there are a number of things I really need to do to improve my life. One of them is get off the junk food cycle. I eat too much of the stuff. For example I just finished a bottle of Coke and some cookies. I am sure I would benefit from getting the caffeine out of my system by eliminating Coke.(I'm not a coffee drinker so no caffeine from that.) There would also be the likely weight loss benefit from reducing all that sugar. My knees and right ankle occasionally bother me so reducing my weight would likely help them. Cutting back on my fat intake by dumping the junk food is also a good idea. My general experience with this kind of stuff makes me wonder if I have a slightly addictive streak to my makeup, and if such streak exists I'm glad I've never tried narcotics, and the amount of alcohol I've drank would fit into one medium sized glass.

Hmmm, now I suspect Adsense will promptly pop up a bunch of softdrink ads. I'm guessing my recent mention of cloning in my review of the new Teletoon show Carl Squared is why I've been getting ads of late for Clone High on DVD. Clone High was another show Teletoon was involved in along with MTV a la Undergrads, and like Undergrads the show was left high and dry when MTV dumped it. I was an occasional watcher of Clone High but it didn't take with me like some other shows. My favourite part was probably Nicole Sullivan as Joan Arc, followed by the insane Principal Scudworth.

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