Thursday, August 25, 2005

I was just looking out the kitchen window, and for the first time actually saw our thermometer spider moving. In the past when I've gone to look either its hiding under the top lip of the thermometer or sitting in the web. I guess tonight it was getting into position on the web, or perhaps doing a bit of work on it. Its not much of a web, but more than enough to catch food. Its rained off and on the last few days, and I wonder if it would have been out there tonight if it was raining again.

I'm no fan of bugs, but I saw something Wednesday that proved once again that humans are far more dangerous than any spider I'm likely to see. I saw an actual example of road rage. I have no idea what set it off, but I saw the results. Some loser jumped out of his car at a stop light and started swearing at a driver in the adjacent lane. I half expected to have to run to a phone booth and call the cops, especially when the guy tried to call the other driver out. The loudmouth got back in his car before violence commenced, but I suspect it was a close run thing. Fortunately in Saskatoon we've had no deaths or serious injuries from such incidents.

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