Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Gosselins And The Tabloids.

Yes, dear reader, even here you must be subjected to more Jon and Kate(or should that be Jonandkate?) if only so I can riff on the tabloids and other entertainment media. If you don't know who I'm talking about, don't worry, and be very grateful you don't.

Standing in line to buy a snack this morning I was assaulted with several covers featuring the couple, including a tabloid headline featuring Kate Gosselin's supposed ex-fiance and the dirt he would dish within. Frankly before this is over I expect everyone she's ever so much as looked at wrong to be interviewed, including the poor 7/11 clerk she didn't thank promptly enough when she was ten. After all she has tended to be portrayed as the villain in the whole piece as this nonsense has built up. I wouldn't at all be surprised to see some of the following headlines on the tabs in fairly short order:

KATE KILLED JFK! New Book Says She Was The Grassy Knoll Shooter.

BIGFOOT IS THE SEXTUPLET'S DADDY! Kate's Tearful Confession To Jon.

DID ET IMPREGNATE KATE? The Shocking Evidence!

KATE DUMPS JON FOR OCTOMOM! Their Lesbian Wedding Plans!


JON'S MOM IS AN ILLEGAL ALIEN! Is He Really An American?

The scary thing is the JFK headline is the only one that's really unbelieveable as a tabloid headline, and frankly I wouldn't put it past the rags not to use it.

Out of the whole family it must be hardest on the oldest girls, who are nine. They can read and are no doubt old enough to understand what some of the more outlandish claims floating around mean. Unfortunately it's likely to get worse before the tabloids finally get tired of the whole thing and move on to someone else.

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