Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Where Are You, Thomas?

Seeing this video on YouTube served to remind me that there was more to Thomas Dolby than "She Blinded Me with Science." So I decided to go see if I could find a copy of The Golden Age of Wireless. Not only have I not found one so far, but most of the stores I visited don't even have a Dolby section. A check at seems to indicate that its not available domestically, but an import(US market?) version is available. I guess I may have to order it from them at some point. This really surprises me given how big of a hit "Science" was. Its probably another album that's due for a fancy reissue.

I wonder if the title of the album was intended as a tip of the hat to the Buggles and their album The Age of Plastic and its hit "Video Killed the Radio Star." Before becoming a solo artist Dolby was a member of the group The Camera Club alongside Bruce Woolley, who was an early Buggle.

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