Friday, April 28, 2006

Its Been A While.

The Toronto Blue Jays are currently tied for first place in the American League East with the Boston Red Sox. "Jays in first" is something we've heard all too little of in recent years. The Orioles are half a game back, and the Yankees a whole game. Since ole George was in his private box tonight to watch the Jays stomp the Yankees 7-2 I imagine more than a few Yankees will be looking for nice hiding places over the next couple of days.

The game was prefaced by a moment of silence for former Yankee reliever Steve Howe, who was killed in a truck accident today. Given Howe's long running substance abuse problems many folks are likely to suspect drugs played a role in the accident. However given that he was driving back to his home in Valencia, California from Arizona in the early hours of Friday its just as, if not more, likely he fell asleep at the wheel.

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