Sunday, April 02, 2006

More From YouTube

Here's a couple more from the YouTube video service. First is the promo vid for Sandii and the Sunsetz "Sticky Music," with Haruomi Hosono from Yellow Magic Orchestra introing. At least in this vid you get to see Sunsetz drummer Hideo Inoura, unlike the vid to "Battery" I previously posted. Its also interesting that Keni Inoue and Makoto Kubota are both playing Tokai Talbo guitars, an unusual design with an aluminum body.

Second is the vid for Mathew Sweet's "Girlfriend," featuring some typically off kilter soloing from the late great Robert Quine. It looks to be Sweet himself miming the solo in the video. I would chatise him for that, but its likely Quine didn't want to appear in the video anyways. The animated footage is from the Japanese sci fi piece Space Adventurer Cobra. When I saw the film a number of years ago I really didn't find it that great. The video makes it look far more interesting than it actually is.

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