Friday, September 16, 2005

I'm a regular reader and poster to Space: The Imagination Station's bulletin board. If you've checked out my links on here you've seen the link I have for it. A lot of the regulars are very upset and confused right now. One of the regulars was Malcolm Xerxes, a Toronto based actor and stuntman. Today the board received some horrible news, that he reportedly shot his ex-girlfriend several times Monday before committing suicide sometime on Tuesday. The woman survived, but is horribly injured. As you can imagine I was sad to hear this. But for other Spacecast regulars, who knew Malcolm, or had the opportunity to meet him, the whole thing is much harder to deal with. Someone they had come to know had that dark part we all have inside us burst out in the worst possible way, and they're left wondering why, and whether they should have been able to see it. He didn't strike them as the kind of person who would do something like that, yet here we are, with a familiar face dead in a violent fashion of his own making. Some will try to look for clues in his "public" life to what he did, like his often expressed fondness for the Marvel Comics vigilante character The Punisher. But in the end no one can truly know what lead up to this no matter how many clues the next days and weeks may provide.

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