Thursday, September 01, 2005

As a followup to my last post this morning's Star Phoenix mentioned that two Ottawa FM radio stations have pulled "New Orleans is Sinking" by the Tragically Hip from their rotation for the moment. The Bear 106.9 mHz and CHEZ 106.1 mHz have both pulled the song until things improve in the effected areas. I doubt they'll be the last to do so either.

The Katrina disaster has resulted in the disappearance of a music legend. Early rock and roll pianist/vocalist Fats Domino is currently missing. Domino decided to stay with members of his family in New Orleans, and no one has been able to contact him since Sunday. Also missing are Domino's wife, children, and grandchildren. Hopefully they turn up healthy.

From the "With friends like these, who needs enemies?" department pot legalisation crusader Marc Emery's big mouth has got him in trouble again. He apologised this week for refering to Federal Justice Minister Irwin Cotler as a "Nazi-Jew" for his role in administering Canada's drug laws. Emery also compared the treatment of marijuana activists to the Nazi treatment of Jews. It would seem Emery needs to be locked in a room with some history books. Whatever one thinks of marijuana legalisation pot smokers are not locked up camps and murdered simply for existing. This is what happened to Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals, and all sorts of others who the Nazis disapproved of, or who stood up to them. Emery has gone to jail because he smoked what is currently a prohibited substance and aided in the growing of this substance. Besides comparing pot prohibition to Nazism Emery has compared himself to such figures as Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King. Rather the ego the man has.

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