Wednesday, September 14, 2005

As regular visitors here know I've tried a number of times to use random phrases to get hits on my blog, and that they pretty much haven't worked. Even using words and phrases others have had success with haven't worked, such as discussing Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. On the other hand the mere use of the word porn in a single entry for a single month will generate various hits, often in horribly weird combinations of other words, such as the regular hits for Megas XLR porn. Hence the whole point of this post, which combined with my post Monday about Eva Longoria should now generate regular hits. Now if some of these folks would hang around for a while, and click on some of the links found here, we'd all be happy. Well, okay, maybe I'd be happy if they clicked certain links.

I shouldn't complain. Posting a link to several web forums I regularly visit to my "thermometer spider" post generated quite a few hits.

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