Thursday, January 27, 2005

With this week being the 60th anniversary of the Soviets seizing the Auschwitz concentration camp not surprisingly stories about the Holocaust have been appearing on network newscasts and so forth. And not surprisingly the Holocaust deniers and other Nazi nitwits have been whining about the coverage. Sometimes you have to wonder about these losers, as they are ironically one of biggest forces in keeping discussion of the Holocaust so common as they keep bringing it up. You'd think they'd realise that if they shut up about it people wouldn't be exposed to what their spiritual counterparts did 60 years ago, and hence wouldn't look on them as such losers and scum.

One thing that is interesting to read in accounts by those victims and potential victims who survived the Nazi genocide efforts was how many people who were actually at threat just couldn't believe the stories they were hearing. The idea that the Germans were engaging in deliberate mass murder just didn't seem compatible with their views of the Germans as a civilised and rational people. Unfortunately the Nazis managed to create a climate where the darkest part of human nature could come forth, and millions of murders were a result.

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