Saturday, January 29, 2005

Spotted another example of modern niche marketing today. Christian Guitarist and Bassist magazine. It makes sense I suppose given how popular that genre is in the US. Of course its worth noting its produced by the folks at Guitar Player magazine, so it has a bit of a head start, having an existing editorial and production base to work with. The comments from the editor about the silliness of throwing the kind of Christian rock artist shown on the cover in the same "gospel" bin as Bill Gaither is true, altho' fans of all sorts of music can get a laugh at certain categorisations. For me its seeing Mike Oldfield albums in the easy listening or new age bins. A album primarily of pop/rock songs like Discovery is an odd choice for the new age section and even odder for the easy listening bin.

A number of years back I was the equipment op for a Sunday morning gospel music show at a local radio station. Boy, was some of the contemporary stuff on the playlist awful. You can't get more trite than something like "Our God is an Awesome God."

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