Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Sitting here reading about scam medical devices made me think of the amateur radio(ham) magazine 73. Imagine my surprise when I looked it up on the Net and found out it only went out of business in late 2003. Its been years since an issue has turned up in shops here in Saskatoon, so I assume it had gone out of business years ago.

The connection with medical pseudoscience? 73 founder and publisher Wayne Green. By the time I started thumbing through the magazine in the early '90s Green had gotten well and truly hooked on all sorts of odd ideas, such as electrical devices for treating this and that medical problem, none of which are considered anything but foolishness by mainstream medicine. I've also read that it was Green who helped spread the idea in the '80s that CDs would sound better if you used a felt tipped marker to colour the edges. You can see his website, and see what kookiness he's into these days, here.

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