Wednesday, January 12, 2005

It was another day in which I spent large amounts of time outside, for reasons that won't be revealed here. It was a less pleasant experience than yesterday given that conditions weren't as nice. Ultimately its the wind that determines how you'll feel when it gets quite cold. Despite the nonsense currently used to express wind chills ie "with the wind chill it feels like minus 32" minus 20 with a heavy wind does not feel like minus 32 with no wind. Subtract the wind and being outside at minus 30 can be quite pleasant.

Its amazing to think of the temperature extremes you can encounter over the course of a year here in Saskatoon. It is literally possible for temperatures to vary by 80 degrees Celcius, with a low of minus 40(40 below zero Farhenheit) in the winter, and a high of 40 degrees (104 Farhenheit) in the summer, although a more typical year would see -35 and +35 respectively. Unfortunately there still seem to be people who think that Canada is a block of ice year round, and people claim to know people who have seen Americans coming to Canada in mid summer with downhill skies strapped to their cars.

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