Saturday, January 29, 2005

I was just doing some reading online about drug use in sports and came across this headline: Lawyer says hooker could sue league. But its not what a typical North American(at least) reader might think. Rather, as you find out if you read the Guardian article a hooker is a position on a rugby team, and the article in question is about a rugby player who was given prohibited substances without his apparently knowing about it. Just another interesting example of the confusion a word can cause if you don't know the context.

My reading was prompted by a thread over at the Fender Discussion Page(yes, we do discuss things besides guitars over there) on who is the greatest athelete of the last 50 years. Carl Lewis was mentioned, and the obvious thought came to mind about whether performance enhancing drug use should be considered, given that Lewis may very well have been "on the juice" during his glory days, despite his holier than thou attitude on the issue over the years.

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