Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Yet more bad music news to report. Johnny Ramone is dying of cancer after the prostate cancer he's been fighting for 4 years metastisized. Given that Joey and DeeDee Ramone have both died since the beginning of the millenium I'm surprised we haven't been hearing about "the curse of the Ramones" yet. For that matter you could throw in Phil Spector's recent legal problems given that he produced an album for the Ramones.

There's been too many stories like this already this year. I really hope things take a turn for the better.

Somewhat less nasty medical news, but a disappointment for Saskatchewan football fans, is that Saskatchewan Roughriders quarterback Nealon Greene will likely be out of action for the rest of the season. Greene 's leg was broken in 2 places last night during the season opener between the Roughriders and the Toronto Argonauts when Greene was sacked at 7:17 of the first quarter. Imagine having your season begin and end in the first 7 minutes of the first game. Nasty. He apparently had surgery this afternoon.

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