Thursday, June 17, 2004

Yet another rocker with medical problems to report, but this time he may be able to do something about it. Ron Wood of the Rolling Stones has been told he must stop smoking or he will soon develop full blown emphysema. Ironically doctors have told him his liver and kidneys are in very good condition, especially given his long running drinking problem and the drugs he abused in the past.

Had a little smile this morning. A group of daycare kids got on the bus, and one of them was named Jasper. I wouldn't have thought anyone would name their son something so old fashioned these days. With a name like that maybe he'll grow up to be a butler. One of the other tikes was named Trinity, which is the kind of thing you'd expect from some of the silly folks running around these days. I seriously believe you could call a soap opera character some ridiculous name, even an insult in a foreign language, and in short order you'd see a bunch of little kids called Baka(Japanese for stupid) or what have you.

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