Monday, June 28, 2004

Its minority government night in Canada. What of course will result from this remains to be seen. We might be back doing this all over again this time next summer.

Its goodbye Jim Pankiw. No more will the citizens of this riding be represented by a paranoid clueless clown. He can go back to arguing with his fellow chiropractors what the right methods of that arcane practice are.

Unfortunately the improved showing of the NDP didn't take hold in this province. Having members from the 3 main federal parties is always a good thing. Compare this with the polarised situation in Quebec.

While watching the election coverage tonight I occasionally switched over to CNN. I saw no hint they had any idea an election was going on up here. You'd think a federal election in your immediate neighbour would be worth at least a mention on the news crawl, especially since one of the competing parties is arguably more favourable to the current US administration than the other.

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