Wednesday, June 30, 2004

It sure didn't take long for the blame game to start in the Conservative Party for the party not doing well enough in Monday's election. Even Steven Harper himself has apparently mused about his continued position as party leader. If they want to make those Ontario and Maritime voters who apparently didn't trust them enough this election vote for them next time they're hardly going to do it by changing leaders again. One only has to look at the experience of the Saskatchewan Liberal Party in recent years, where infighting and fighting over who should be leader has been considerable, and their electoral success has been less than stellar.

A Saskatoon landmark is rapidly disappearing as the Bay Parkade is quickly being knocked down. When the Bay moved from its old location across the street into the Midtown Plaza a few years ago it greatly reduced the traffic the parkade generated, and the owners had no real interest in doing much needed repairs to the structure. So its byebye, which is kind of ironic given that the old Bay building is scheduled for renovation into condos and retail space, which might have generated regular customers for the parkade.

The complex was a considerable one. Besides a parkade the structure also served as a loading dock for the Bay store, a garage in the days when the store had its own fleet of delivery and tv service vehicles, and located underneath was the Bay's merchandise storage area. A tunnel running under the street connected the two, and it including a rail system for merchandise trollies.

Its been interesting to watch the demolition as they've done so with the building pretty much as is. I would have thought they would have removed things like lighting fixtures, elevators doors and so forth, but that wasn't the case.

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