Thursday, September 15, 2016

Probably A Drop.

The Blue Jays are over on the West Coast at the moment.  They just won the first of 4 games against the Los Angeles Angels, and then will head to Seattle to take on the Mariners.  It would be interesting to see the ratings for the evening games during this road trip.  I suspect they probably drop some.  After all it's after 1:30 AM in Toronto as I write this, and even later further east.  Some eastern viewers probably skip the games entirely, knowing they can't stay up to watch the whole thing.  Others probably watch the first few innings before going to bed.  Even here in Saskatchewan the late innings of these games probably get skipped by a few viewers, since they take place around 11 PM.

I wonder if TV ratings might be an issue for anyone considering a MLB team for Vancouver.  Regular viewership for evening games might be pretty low for such a team in much of the country, compared to the Blue Jays.  Of course the lack of a suitable stadium, and potential opposition from the Mariners, are probably bigger concerns before the issue of TV broadcast revenue comes up.

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