Thursday, September 08, 2016

Already Gone.

It's great when your favourite team is in the running for the playoffs, like the Toronto Blue Jays are.  But for fans of other baseball teams they already know their teams won't make it, despite there being just a bit less than a month left in the season.  The teams we already know won't win their divisions are the Minnesota Twins, the Atlanta Braves, the Milwaukee Brewers, and the Cincinnati Reds.  The Oakland As will join the out of it gang either tonight or tomorrow, and several other teams aren't far behind.  The National League Central may have the most anti-climatic ending of all, with the utterly dominant Chicago Clubs having a 15 and a half game lead on the second place St. Louis Cardinals, although the Cards continue to be leading contenders for the National League Wild Card.  The Twins were the first team eliminated from Wild Card contention, and the Braves are probably the next ones out. 

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