Saturday, September 27, 2014

I Blame You.

I want my bus service back.  I blame you, City of Saskatoon, for it not being there.  After all you were the ones who locked out the transit workers.  I think you're trying to play games, both with city council ramming through the changes in the city pension plan, and perhaps with operating expenses for transit.  After all if there are no buses running for X days that's X days gas isn't being burned, along with whatever other expenses you pay to keep buses running for 18 hours a day.

In general I don't think the current city council has munch interest in transit.  After all the downtown bus mall has long been a source of complaints, and what has been done about it?  Pretty much nothing.  They seem more interested in ridiculous plans for when Saskatoon has a population of 500 thousand, or even a million, a situation that may never occur.   They don't seem to think that if you get things right now it makes for a stronger base for the future.

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