Sunday, July 06, 2014

Gone Except For The Ads.

In the past I've mentioned Blip, a webcomic by Sage Leaves, a couple of times.  Unfortunately Sage Leaves stopped updating, and a few months ago the webcomic itself disappeared when its account was suspended.  But oddly enough it's still being advertised online.  You'd think word would have gotten back to whoever runs the advertising to stop the ads.  Wherever Sage Leaves has vanished to they apparently haven't been in a position to do so, but you'd think the Rampage Network, which had been hosting Blip, would let them know.  Then again they still have Blip listed as one of their member webcomics.

It makes you wonder how many other ads for things that no longer exist are floating around the web.  Not that some of the advertising providers probably care, as they presumably have already been paid for the advertising.

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