Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Bargain.

Like a bargain? Me too. Here's mine for today, a couple of CDs I picked up at the Centre at Circle and 8th Zellers for a buck each. Even with the tax they came to less than a bottle of Coke and a bag of chips. At that price if you don't like them you can toss 'em if you really want to. On top we have Steppin' Out by Genesis touring guitarist/bassist Daryl Stuermer. It's '80s style rock/light jazz instrumentals, some of which could probably have been used as TV themes. Nothing special but competently performed and recorded. Then we have Pete Townshend's peculiar 1993 concept album Psychoderelict. Not only do you get songs you get quite a bit of dialogue as well. Apparently this was sufficiently off putting to a lot of people when the album came out that Pete later released a music only version. And without getting into details some of the plot seems eerily prophetic of events that would happen to Pete some years later.

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