Thursday, July 24, 2008

Well Whadaya Know...

...sometimes shameless whining (or to use a phrase I've used more than once, shameless hit mongering) does get the hit count up. (You'll have to find the actual whining yourself.) Of course I'm hoping the resulting visitors aren't the obsessives who've been drawn to Pharyngula by "Crackergate." It's ironic to see claims that PZ Myers is merely trying to attract attention with his actions over the past few days. After all his blog is one that regularly has posts that result in 200 hundred response threads. He gets plenty of attention already. In fact all the outraged folks are doing is helping to push the visibility of Pharyngula up, and presumably its already high ranking on sites like Technorati as well. Its one of the top 200 at Technorati in any case.

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