Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Public Stupidity.

Today there were a couple of protesters in front of Saskatoon City Hall. "911 Was An Inside Job!" stated the sign carried by one. Having other things to do I didn't bother to get closer and find out what version of the theory they believed in. Not that it really matters, the theories that have been widely publicised are all equally full of holes and far more baroque than any credible "the US gubmint did it!' theory needs to be. Whoever these people were they apparently aren't making much of an impact if only two of them showed up. And why they would be out there protesting in the first place is beyond me. The City of Saskatoon has no influence on or connection with Canadian foreign policy.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe that you are making fun of these protesters without even confronting the people themselves, do they really scare you, i assure you that they will explain why they are protesting for a new investigation of 911, and if you actually do your own research (besides the federally bought and payed for mainstream media) you will be in awe at the misinformation and stupidity of the official 911 commission report. If your lacking the time to do your own research, there are many free movies on such as loose change second edition, loose change final cut, 911 mysteries and terrorstorm just to name a few that will explain everything these protesters are complaing about.

It seems like you have no idea why these people would be even protesting in saskatoon, well how bout the fact that canadians/saskatoonians are at war in afghanistan, many have died already, and wouldn't it be a shame if the us government had something to do with 911 and people are dying because of it, just think about it before you speak.

Oh yeah, by the way, how do 3 wtc buildings fall down on 911 when only 2 were hit by planes, look up wtc 7!!

tim gueguen said...

I'm well aware of the various "inside job" theories, and as I said they are not credible. Finding out what specific nonsense those protestors believed wasn't worth the effort.