Monday, September 04, 2006

Sad But Not Surprising.

Australian outdoorsman Steve Irwin, who became famous via the TV series Crocodile Hunter, has died of a stingray sting while diving off Australia. He was 44. Irwin's death may not be that surprising to many. The perception has existed, rightly or wrongly, that Irwin took unneccessary risks in his dealings with animals. The most notorious example of this occured in 2004, when Irwin had his one year old son under his arm while feeding meat to crocodiles in a pen during a wildlife show. The idea was widespread enough that it was used as part of various comedy sketches involving actors pretending to be Irwin, or thinly veiled parodies of Irwin, getting hurt in humourous ways by mishandling animals. There are likely to be many mutterings of "I told you so" regarding Irwin over the next few days.

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