Monday, September 25, 2006

Boz Burrell, RIP.

I found out via my brother yesterday that British musician Boz Burrell has died of a heart attack at 60. Burrell got his start in the business as a singer in the '60s, recording both with his group The Boz People and as a solo artist, although none of his releases had any real impact. In late 1970 Burrell became the new vocalist for King Crimson, and soon had his musical abilities expanded when he was pressed into being the group's bassist after bassist Rick Kemp left unexpectedly, being taught by group leader Robert Fripp. Although the lineup produced only one studio album, Islands, before breaking up becoming a bassist would prove a major boon to Burrell when Paul Rogers recruited him as bassist for Bad Company in 1972, playing on the group's major releases, including the hit single "Can't Get Enough." After leaving Bad Company in '86 Burrell played in several groups, including touring with Alvin Lee and a reunited version of Bad Company in 1999.

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