Saturday, September 01, 2012

First And First.

First post of the month, and the first on my new computer.  I had to pick up a new one after my previous one went kablooie this week.  The old one was a Dell GX270 picked up for a hundred bucks from XS Cargo a while back.  If you are offered a refurbed one of these you should probably pass.  Apparently these had capacitor problems on both the mother board and power supply, the former being what killed mine.  The swollen and leaking caps were obvious when I popped it open to check.   The new box is an HP tower with a dual core AMD E2-3200 cpu.  300 bucks and tax from Staples.(Now cue the inevitable "You bought an HP?  It'll give you brain cancer!" comments.)

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Tim Gueguen said...

XS Cargo went out of business in October of 2014.