Saturday, February 28, 2009

20 Grand And Counting.

The hitcounter here has been slowly creeping up towards 20 thousand hits. But all it took is the right post to send it running past that point. Last night's post about the demise of scans_daily was what did the deed. Apparently it was a combination of making one of the first blog posts about the issue and the sheer number of people interested in the issue, as well as my post being linked to in a couple of blogs.

What normally generates hits here? Ironically of late it's been a post inspired by scans_daily, a speculation Stewie Griffin from Family Guy might be inspired by "Superman's baby." I also get frequent hits from a couple of posts related to one of my favourite cartoons, Undergrads, including pictures of the lovely Jesse from that series. On the other hands some stuff surprisingly doesn't generate hits, like the times I've mentioned Harry Potter. And one thing that was an utter failure was something I tried early on called the search engine attractor phrase, a post with a phrase in it I assumed would generate hits, which they never seemed to.

Traffic will no doubt soon drop here, but while you're visiting why not check out some of the blogs I link to? Specifically go visit A Bit More Detail, More Words, Deeper Hole, I Am a Child of Television, and Stupid Evil Bastard. Might as well spread the traffic around. Apologies to PZ Myers and Orac, but you guys probably don't need the traffic spike.

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