Friday, February 27, 2009

scans_daily Gets Zapped.

I've mentioned the Livejournal scans_daily here several times. It's a place for presented comic book scans and commenting on the content, especially the frequent silliness of comics and the comics biz itself. But when I went to check out the latest entries tonight I got a screen stating the journal had been suspended. Apparently someone made a copyright complaint against it. Too bad, especially since a huge amount of commentary on comic books and the comics industry has probably been lost. Given that the comm has been running for years and has had posts from comic book insiders like writer Gail Simone it's surprising it would get the chop now. Did someone like DC head honcho Dan Didio finally get pissed off at being criticised so much? His counterpart at Marvel Joe Quesada? Artist Greg Land, a frequent target for his dubious practice of using tracings of porn actresses instead of actually drawing freehand? Guess we'll have to stay tuned to find out.


Anonymous said...

Talk has it that PAD is the guilty party.

Tim said...

Yeah, there seems to be strong indication that Peter A. David(for those who don't know the abbreviation)may have been the offending/offended party.