Monday, September 08, 2008


Is it telling that the Canadian federal election, announced over the weekend, will take place the day after Canadian Thanksgiving? Certainly most Canadian visitors to this blog can think of politicians, and if they're really mean whole parties, who they think are turkeys. The choice of dates may also prove appropriate given that like the evening meal the day after Thanksgiving, which generally consists of more of the same from the night before, this election may well produce more of the same, another Conservative Party minority government.

While I'm on the subject I must mention one way in which the Canadian electoral system is superior to that of the United States, no argument.(Sorry, but if you disagree you are quite simply WRONG!) Unlike the United States, where you must be born American to run for President, any citizen of Canada can become Prime Minister of Canada. In the current election if by some miracle the Green Party won sufficient seats to form a government Green leader Elizabeth May, who immigrated to Canada from Conneticut when she was a teen, could become PM. On the other hand someone who has spent most of their life in the US and became a citizen as soon as possible cannot become President.

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