Saturday, September 02, 2006


Last night I decided to see what was on MuchMoreMusic, since I hadn't tuned in to the channel in at least a couple of weeks. Imagine my surprise when A Different World appeared on my TV screen, a sitcom that has nothing to do with music. It was followed by Fame, which makes somewhat more sense since its a show about a performing arts high school. Both shows are now regular weeknight fare on the channel. As anyone who has paid attention to MuchMoreMusic knows the channel has played less and less direct music content as the years have gone by, and more and more gossip/Entertainment Tonite/reality programs with celebs content. And now they're getting even more away from their original purpose by playing a sitcom. Given the changes perhaps it's time for some "truth in advertising" by having the station change it's name. Of course the station is just following the path of VH1, its American equivalent.

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