Friday, June 03, 2005

As I've noted before I get regular hits on this blog for porn searches of one sort or another, which frankly kind of annoys me. Yes, I wouldn't get such hits if I hadn't used the term porn in various posts but its pretty much impossible not to use the term when you're talking about it. I suppose I could start using something like pron or a similar misspelling, but all that would likely do would bring hits from the illiterate who can't spell porn, or from the folks typing with one hand, if you catch my drift.

This of course brings up the thought of what would happen if all porn related Internet traffic suddenly ceased. Chances are certain ISPs and website design teams would instantly go out of business. Hell, probably a lot of them would given the amount of porn related traffic. Online sleaze is big business, and has reportedly taken a big toll on the print porn business. Its been suggested for example that the fall of Penthouse magazine was due to the rise of online porn, which offers instant access to a far wider array of stuff than can be contained in a single monthly issue of a magazine. It also has the advantage of anonymity. You don't have to explain to people you know why you were coming out of that adult bookstore with a hardcore bondage magazine, or face potential embarrassment buying a skin mag from the little old lady who runs the corner confectionary. And of course some folks can avoid the disapproval of their significant other, or parents, or whoever because online porn access allows one to download the stuff when no one is looking, and hide it on a closed off part of your harddrive or on CDROM.

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