Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Tonight was the season finale of Law and Order, and the final episode featuring Jerry Orbach as Lenny Briscoe. He's going to be replaced by a new cop next season, played by Dennis Farina. Given that Orbach was born in 1935 he's obviously playing a character who's supposed to be younger than he is. You wouldn't find too many 69 year old detectives on any police force. But this won't be the last time he plays the character. He'll be appearing in the new L&O spinoff Trial By Jury, which will apparently be hitting the air sometime in 2005. Must be nice to have a run like that. As for Farina he could likely do his new roll in his sleep. He's an ex-cop, and has played cops many times during his acting career.

Its amazing how much blood Dick Wolf has managed to extract from the L&O stone. The original series is now one of the longest running drama series on US tv.

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