Wednesday, May 05, 2004

This week's (so far) personal "DUH!" moment: hearing Creedence Cleaarwater Revival's "Who'll Stop The Rain" for the nth-hundred time and just realising that some of the lyrics are probably about Woodstock.

You just gotta love politicians when they get "creative." Canada's current gun control law saw the requirement to register "long arms" ie rifles and shotguns added several years ago. This pissed a lot of folks off. Within the last week someone within the federal government got the bright idea that maybe they should make such registration voluntary. Yeesh! If you're gonna do that you might as well throw the whole register long arms requirement out, because who will do it willingly? Either the provision stays in the law, or the government admits its not worth the bother and ends it. Half way measures won't work. All the voluntary registration proposal is is a lame way to try and please both advocates of the current situation and those who oppose it, but it won't do either.

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