Friday, May 14, 2004

I was reading in a newspaper gossip column that Brad Pitt predicted at the opening of his new film Troy in Berlin that men will be wearing skirts by next year. Hmmm, Pitt should be old enough to remember the half dozen other times over the past twenty years or so someone has either made this sort of prediction, or tried to market skirts to men. Its never happened. Its more than rare enough that people have been known to generate press by doing so. For example I remember a story about some Canadian high school kid maybe ten years ago who got in trouble with his school for wearing a skirt. Whats especially amusing is that Pitt reported had to have a leg stand in for certain shots in the film because his legs weren't "manly" enough.

I notice from the ads that Troy apparently continues the time honoured tradition that all ancient Greeks have British accents, whether the actual actors do or not. So we have Pitt using one. Admittedly you don't want someone who's supposed to be an Athenian circa 400 BCE that sounds like Slim Pickens but it is a cliche. Even something like the Kevin Costner version of Robin Hood was silly that way. Yes, the story is set in England, but the England of the 13th Century. We don't know the accents of the era anyways, so why have Costner use a modern British accent that seemed to come and go?

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