Friday, May 14, 2004

I just watched G.I. Joe: The Movie on YTV. Pure cheese, including wrestler Sgt. Slaughter as himself. Wonder what ever happened to him? And its interesting how in shows like that no one ever gets permanently hurt, leading to lots of shooting without anyone actually getting shot. Can't traumatise the kiddies.

In the last 6 months or so I've been watching boxing on the sports channels for some reason. In a way its surprising that they play as much as they do, as boxing is arguably still continuing its long slow decline. Generally I find fights in the lower weight classes more entertaining than the heavyweight stuff. The lighter guys tend to be better at actual boxing, while the heavyweights tend to sort of club at each other. One thing I can't say much good about is the froufrouy trunks some of the boxers wear these days. Some of them look like almost like skirts, others have silly fringes and so forth. Looks more like what a professional wrestler would be wearing than what a boxer should be wearing.

I've also been watching the UFC stuff that gets played up here. These are all old fights, not the current matches which are generally pay per view. Some of the fights get into a rut where you end up looking at two guys on the ground who look like they're humping each other. Its obvious from watching these things that they don't have the same kind of money to devote to the actual filming of them as boxing, as the production values tend to be a bit less. One match I saw had real mix problems, because you could barely hear the announcers over the crowd noise. And watching boxing, UFC, and things like Thai kickboxing sure makes wrestling look even phonier than I already saw it as being.

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