Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Had a rather unpleasant surprise tonight. I was cooking some french fries in the oven when I heard a clang and saw a flash. I didn't think much of it, but when I looked in the oven a bit later I found the lower element had collapsed, or something, and part of it was glowing white. Looks like I'm going to be ovenless for a while. After things had cooled off I lifted the element a bit, and it looks like it fortunately didn't do any damage to the oven bottom. I can only imagine how much things are going to cost to fix.

Here in Saskatoon a group called Teen Aid has bus ads promoting chastity. I don't have problems with the idea that teens shouldn't be having sex, but the religious basis for a group like this does nothing for me. But I sometimes have to smile at one of their ads, which claims the only safe sex is waiting until you're married sex. In reality the only truly safe sex is solo masturbation with no one around. After all you can't infect someone if there's no one around to exchange bodily fluids with. You could be "pure and virginal," and your partner could be, but that doesn't mean you haven't picked up AIDS or hep C from a bad blood tranfusion, or being an IV drug user, or even getting poked by an infected object and not realising it.

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