Saturday, May 08, 2004

Ah, Saturday.

I hate driving on Saturday afternoons.

There always seems to be gobs more traffic about on Saturdays, and I get the impression people who otherwise don't drive much are more likely to rev up the ole Ford and go for a spin. As a result you get more bad drivers on the road, and more people doing stupid things in an effort to deal with the stupid driving of other drivers.

8th Street is one of Saskatoon's primary business locales, so of course the traffic conditions on a typical Saturday are crummy. Transit times slow up because of all the cars, and it becomes a real pain in the ass to find parking at certain malls and retail outlets. And guess where the places I wanted to go were? Oh well, at least I didn't go downtown, which would be equally bad, especially with traffic restricted while they tear down a parkade in one corner.

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