Wednesday, November 13, 2019

They Fight On.

Back in June I wrote about advertising for a local mixed martial arts promotion, Modern Fighting Championship  Today's flyer delivery once again featured advertising for MFC.  Modern Fighting Championship IV will be held November 29 at the Manhattan Ballroom.  Besides MMA this show will also feature 6 amateur boxing matches, and a Brazilian jiu jutsu "superfight" between Eric Wilson and Myke Lee.  The main event will be a lightweight bout between current MFC champ Jesse Boldt from Saskatoon against Winnipeg's Travis Gervais.

Compared to MFCIII the MFCIV card has several fighters with winning records.  And only one fighter will be making his MMA debut.  On the other hand one of the fighters, Josh Ladouceur, has a kind of disturbing 2-6 record.  That unfortunately sounds like a fighter who may be already in the "professional punching bag" category.  Interestingly 3 of the fighters come all the way from London, Ontario.  That's quite the trip to take to fight for a small promotion.

It would seem that the previous event did pretty well given that there's a sequel.  Good luck to the fighters. 

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