Tuesday, August 20, 2019

You Will Anyway.

October will see a federal election in Canada, and more and more political advertising is staring to appear.  This morning I saw a billboard for the People's Party of Canada along Saskatoon's Warman Road.  On it was the slogan "Say NO to mass immigration."  My response was to think "Just say no to Maxime Bernier," the PPC's leader. 

But what I say definitely doesn't matter in this case.  Whatever your thoughts on current Canadian immigration policy you'll likely be saying no to Bernier and the PPC regardless.  The last I heard the party was polling a mighty 3 percent of decided voters.   I wouldn't be surprised if Bernier retains his seat, but the chances of them electing anyone else are probably iffy, despite planning to run candidates in all ridings.  The Liberals and Conservatives are running at pretty much a dead heat at the moment, so a lot of potential PPC voters aren't going to take the risk voting for them, because it might help the Liberals retain power.

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