Friday, June 28, 2019

As If The Name Wasn't A Tell.

Political parties come and go in Canada.  The latest group trying to get party status from Elections Canada calls itself the Canadian Nationalist Party.  Seeing nationalist in a party name is generally a good sign their ideology will be crap.  And that seems to be the case here, as the would be party is facing an RCMP hate crime investigation.  Party founder Travis Patron claims he's not referring to Jews in a recently posted video, but anyone familiar with the language of the hard right knows that "globalists" is commonly used as a shorthand for the international Jewish conspiracy they believe in.  Patron also uses the term "parasitic tribe," which is pretty hard to interpret as anything but a reference to Jews.  The party is also opposed to immigration and LGBTQ rights.

If the CNP does get party status it will be able to issue tax receipts for contributions.  If they manage to get 2 percent of the vote nationally, or 5 percent of the vote in ridings they run in, they will also get 50 percent of their election expenses paid.  But that's really not much of an if.  The CNP will be like most fringe parties.  It will get a handful of votes, which probably won't make a difference in any riding.  Chances are it won't exist 10 years from now.

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