Saturday, November 26, 2016

Mister Versatile.

Last night I watched a mid '70s Italian crime film  on YouTube, A Special Cop in Action, or to use its original Italian title, Italia a mano armata.  It was the final film of a trilogy about Italian police commissioner Betti, played by the late Maurizio Merli.  His main opponent in the film is gangster Alberteli, played by American actor John Saxon.  Watching the film got me thinking that there probably isn't a genre, other than porn, that Saxon hasn't done. Crime, westerns, martial arts(Enter the Dragon, supporting Bruce Lee),  horror, science fiction, prime time soaps, and more.  All in a career that began in the mid '50s, and which continues to today.

You can watch A Special Cop in Action below.  Be warned that besides the general violence you'll find in a crime film there's a sexual assault scene, so some viewers may want avoid this one.

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