Thursday, October 13, 2016

Still A Chance Of Paper.

The question "Paper or plastic?" refers to whether the person wants to pay with cash or a credit card.  In 21st Century Canada it's more properly "Plastic or plastic?" because all currently issued Canadian bills are made of polymer.  But a few of the old paper bills remain in circulation.  I got a five dollar bill yesterday as change.  It was from the last issue of paper fives in 2006, which had security features added to the 2001 design.  The first polymer fives were introduced in 2013, and quickly replaced the older paper bills.  But a few paper bills have escaped being sent back to the Bank of Canada for destruction, like the one I received.  It's the first one I've had in a while, and I suspect it will be a long time, if ever, before I see another one.

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