Saturday, December 22, 2012

There, It's Done.

It's December 22nd. You're still here, I'm still here. The Mayan Long Count Calender rolled over, and nothing much happened. No giant earthquakes, no asteroid strikes, no UFO full of aliens to rescue anyone. So now you can relax and shut up about the whole thing. And maybe next time those of you who fell for the interpretations of a bunch of paranoid, mainly white, cranks will think twice. But I doubt it.

I have to admit I was expecting we'd see worse as December 21st approached. But fortunately for everyone it mainly turned out to be a lot of talk and hand wringing from believers. There were no mass suicides or other outbreaks of violence. I suppose there were probably some folks who did things like sell all their worldly goods, but if so they were isolated enough not to get much press.

My late grandmother Margaret Carr used to say that the world ends for someone every day. And it's true. Yesterday was the end of the world for some, not because of some silly prediction, but because we're mortal beings. Perhaps that;s why so many people like end of the world predictions, because it will make their end part of a spectacular event, not the result of the slow decline or mundane bad fortune that will do most of us in.

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Anonymous said...

True, this world indeed ends for some ... today it ended for my 15 year old canine confidante and truest of friends = Tommy. He passed quietly into the next relm. A wise old soul who knew much. I will rememberand sadly miss him always.