Friday, October 21, 2011

Not My Pet.

This morning while sitting in the library reading a book I spotted a tiny spider on my pant leg.  I blew him off.  But he apparently liked something about my pants, as he kept reappearing after several attempts to remove him.  Finally he ended up on the floor, and the last I saw him he was running away for parts unknown.

It's interesting the difference size makes.  I wouldn't want a spider of noticeable size on  me.  But a tiny creature like that just seems cute, not threatening.  I can only imagine what kind of insects and other creatures the little guy eats.  They'd be as small or even smaller than him.  Of course not being a spider expert I have no idea how big he'll get, assuming of course he survives for long being in an environment with dozens of people walking around at any one time.

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