Friday, July 01, 2011

The Things I Eat.

A dietician would not be happy with my diet.  I don't eat enough fruit and vegetables.  And I have a habit of trying stuff like this:

This is roast beef and gravy from Hormel's Compleats line.  Honestly it doesn't look all that appealing on the package.

Here you can see the nutrition information for this product.  Quite a bit of salt for a single serving.

And what do we find under the plastic after we microwave it? (FYI, you're supposed to poke a few holes in the covering before microwaving, which I did.)

No, it doesn't look particularly appetising after it's cooked.

My verdict?  Edible.  The beef is kind of stringy, and a bit red for my taste since I like my meat well done.  But the overall taste isn't bad.  It's definitely not going to be any threat to your mom's roast beef supper if you have a mom who makes roast beef.  But if you need a quick lunch it will fill you up a bit.

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